Happy 5th Birthday iPhone!

Exactly today, 29/07/07 the original iPhone was released to the world. (Keynote below)

It was more than a phone to the world.

It was a revolution. A Luxury phone.

One would kill another to get that beautiful, glorious, revolutionary device. No matter what the price was, if you had it, you would stay up all night outside the Apple Store just to get it!

And, some would get a camp outside the store 3 DAYS BEFORE THE RELEASE! That is how crazy people would get just for one device.

A device which our deceased legend made, designed, dreamt of.

Steve Jobs. (R.I.P)

The phone was known to kill all the other devices on the market, and it did! It made Apple go on an extremely high roll in the Stock Market!

I till date won of those beauty. The 16GB iPhone 2G.

A device which is extremely rare to find these days, but who on earth cares? Its an antique. Its vintage. Its amazing. Its Apple.
I don’t care how slow it is, how bad the camera is (It is honestly not bad), how bad the screen is compared to today’s iPhone’s, how bad the speakers are, the limited availability of applications are.

I till date use that phones, not everyday, but sometimes. And i assure to you, that device will always be in my Bedstand, it will always be there with my PlayBook, my iPad, my iPhone 4 and lastly my Bold 9900.


Story Time!!!

I remember when i was fighting with my parents just to get that one phone.

They just said NO.


And one night, i was asleep and all of a sudden the next morning, right next me on my other pillow, i see an iPhone 16GB Box. I EXPLODE! I cry! I smile! You have no idea how i felt.

Then i went running to my parents room, and thanked them for i don’t know how long. I was so careful, i would not let that phone out of my sight for even 2 seconds. And when i would go to school, i would lock it in my cupboard in the box it came with. (Only for the first 2-3 months) After that we were allowed to take it to school so i had no issues.

Then my phone had an Antenna problem, where you would constantly only hear static when on a call and nothing else.

So i had to get my Antenna replaced, then the screen would not shut completely it would just dim out and go no further than the Menu.

We got the digitizer replaced.

The last time i ever got that phone fixed was a year and a half of owning it (it became my second phone after 1 year) the phone fell and the bottom half of the screen stopped functioning, we got that fixed and since then the phone has been running smoothly fine!

Its just perfect.

Keynote –

This is the device that truly inspired the other companies. Before this, there was only an iPod Touch to look up to.

Tell us you’re stories with you’re iPhone devices.

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