iPad Mini Rumours Full Speed Ahead?

As we all know, recently we have been getting a lot of rumours about the iPad Mini.

And today, we have got another part to look at.

Though before we dig into that, i just want to say, Apple will NOT be launching an iPad Mini, simply because it will hurt three things.

1. Normal iPad

2. iPhone

3. MacBook’s

An iPad has replaced computers for some people that i know, and now if they plan on launching a smaller version that will not only hurt the bigger iPad sales but even the iPhone sales!

Because simply, the iPad will be doing everything except calling, people buy an iPhone because its in the middle of an iPad and a phone.

So by getting a $200 iPad Mini, it will simply ruin everything.


In the picture above, two things are shown. An iPhone 5 dock connector and the iPad assembly.

And they both look merely the same, (the dock area’s)

The location of the headphone jack in proximity to the dock connector is interesting. If this is actually a legitimate part, it may mean the headphone jack will be moved from its current location at the top of the iPad to the bottom. This lines up with the existing iPod touch placement, and reports of the next generation iPhone featuring a headphone jack at the bottom.

So now the guess is upto you, do you frankly think Apple will waste time and energy making this?


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