Record In Slow Motion With SloPro For iPhone

Ever been at a sporting event or out with friends and wanted to record something cool? Maybe you were at a show and wanted to see it in slow motion. Well now you can record anything and slow it down to 1000 FPS right on your iPhone! SloPro is an awesome free application that makes this possible! There are a lot features in the SloPro application! Here they are below:

Version 2.0 is a huge update-it adds fast motion, super slow, ghosting, optical flow, frame blending, exposure lock, sharing feed, and much more.

★ ACTION SHOTS look way cooler in slow motion-try it and see.

★ RENDERLESS EDITING- edit in/out points, slow motion cues and speeds without waiting. This much freedom can only be found on the back of a good Harley. (fast speeds & effects still need editing)

★ EDIT WHILE SHOOTING- toggle slow motion while recording or do it after. You choose!

★ FAST MOTION- jump from slow to fast and vice versa for a fun feel.

★ SUPER SLOW- 500fps and 1000fps can now be simulated using optical flow. Check out the in-app tutorials for tips on getting the best results.

★ 3 SLOW EFFECTS- optical flow, frame blending, and ghosting come standard. 

★ HARDWARE ACCELERATION- effect rendering on the GPU happens 8x faster than on a desktop!

★ UNIVERSAL APP- now available for iPad

★ IN-APP SHARING- upload to Facebook and YouTube for free. Small upgrade fee for email, camera roll and iTunes. New option to export raw footage.

★ COMMUNITY FEED- upload videos to YouTube to share with other Slo Pros.

★ REAL 60FPS- 60 frames per second is twice the normal capture frame rate. This makes slow motion in your videos smooth like butter. (only works on the iPhone 4S) 

★ NON-IPHONE 4S — USERS- trust us, we would love nothing more to make 60fps possible for you. We are trying, but since it does not work out on the hardware for whatever reasons, we added optical flow that should help achieve that silky smooth slow motion effect. Watch our videos for tips.

This is a must get APP!

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