Steve Jobs’ Stolen iPad recovered from Kenny The Clown

Back in July when Steve Jobs’ house was burglarised one of the items taken was his very own iPad.

Now its August, one month later, the police have recovered the iPad from a professional clown, who honestly did not know it belonged to Steve Jobs, when he did find out he was mind-boggled.

He went to the Palo Alto home as it was undergoing renovation and stole Jobs’ wallet and driver’s license, Cristal Champagne Tiffany & Co. jewellery and Apple gadgets.

I’m surprised, if the house was undergoing renovation why was there no security at the premises?


Kenny did what any professional clown would do, load the iPad with cracking applications and funny songs and videos.

He said “i used it as an iPod. Not an iPad”

Kenny got the iPad from the burgalar who robbed the house, who happens to be his friend. McFlarin.

Who is obviously now behind bars. Not only for stealing and selling stolen property, but robbing Steve Jobs’ house as a whole.

Kenny did not see anything different about Steve’s iPad, because it was given to him blank. It had nothing in the iPad. No name, no engravings, nothing special. It was an ordinary iPad.

Kariem McFarlin     Kariem McFarlin

Police tracked down the suspect, Kariem McFarlin, when he tried to use the gadgets with his iTunes log-in. Apple investigators passed on the information to cops, who tracked down his home.

The iPad was wiped clean and given to Kenny by McFlarin. It looked exactly like an iPad you buy from the stores. It was silver. And White. Completely normal.

The iPad was with Kenny for 3-4 days and then the Police took it back and returned it to the Jobs family. Afterall, these small material things are the only few things that they have left in the memory of the father and husband.

This is what Kenny said ;

“I didn’t notice anything special or anything like that,” said Kahn, adding he had the iPad for three or four days before police asked for it back. “It was silver; it looked normal. I was basically using it like an iPod.”

“It would be like getting a football from Joe Montana that was stolen out of his house,” said the 47-year-old professional clown, whose real name is Kenneth Kahn. “It’s bizarre; it’s really bizarre.”

What do you think?

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