My Thoughts on Apple’s Event yesterday

Well, since the iPhone 5 was launched last night a lot of people hate it, a lot love it!
I am in the middle.
I definitely love the new Glass + Aluminium is just fantastic!

The 24 Megapixel Panoramic camera plus an 8 Megapixel iSight camera is just fantastic!
The camera is known to be 25% smaller than the iPhone 4S!

The iPhone 5 is just 229 grams and is 18% THINNER THAN THE iPhone 4S!
It is only 7.5mm thick!

The New iPod Touch is definitely my favourite!

The new colour schemes, the new camera, screen, etc.
This is a complete killer for all the other companies!

The new iPod Nano!

We all thought after Steve Jobs death Apple would be gone in a year or two.
But if they continue making products like this, i don’t think that will happen!

Tim Cook definitely took some training from Jobs.

The event was great, some people do not like the iPhone 5 because they feel they should have gotten more than what they did last night.
The rumours that were leaked for the iPhone 5 came out to be exactly correct, except the nano-sim!
And boy am i glad that the Nano-Sim did not come out!
I am already sad with my Microsim that is on my iPhone 4 and 4S.

The Gorilla Glass used in all the Apple Devices that were launched yesterday, the new EarPods, etc.

Everything is FANTASTIC!

I feel Apple knows EXACTLY what they are doing.

I saw the Earpods and they look much better than the silly onces that have been in Apple for a while now,
The new Dock Connector, Lightening is great!

Considering you don’t need to make sure you plug it in the device in one position, it is reversible so you can plug it in at any position!
It is also known to be magnetic just like the Mac chargers!

What do you all think of the iPhone 5 event that occurred yesterday?

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