Capsule Rebel X for the iPhone 4 and 4S Review

As i told you before, Switcheasy was kind enough to send me a few cases to review, so i am making a review for this.


The Video review of this case will be made in a few hours, and will be put in a new post. So dont worry, or you could always go to our Channel and have a look there.

Anyways, here goes.


The Capsule Rebel X is the successor of the Capsule Rebel, its predecessor.

The Capsule Rebel had a fish-bone on the back, where as the Rebel X has an X-Bone. Which looks and feels much better.

For $27.95 this case is worth its value.


Whats in the box?

In the box, we get everything but the Kitchen Sink.

We know Switcheasy is always the best in giving accessories, and they include EVERY SINGLE THING!

  • Video Stand
  • Dock Adaptors (Black and White) X2
  • X2 Screen Shields
  • Microfiber
  • Squeegee
  • Instruction Manual
  • X2 Headphone jack Adaptors
  • X2 Dock Connector adaptors

As you can see, the accessories provided (above) are more than enough for you!

Daily Driver Case?

Definitely! I have been rocking this since the time i got it, and i only seem to have two tiny problems.

1. The debris that it gets when i put it in my back pocket of my jeans

2. The Vibrate switch is a little too recessed.

Those are the only two drawbacks in this case, otherwise it is a great thing, this.


As you know, this is a Hybrid case.

Which means, it is a two-piece case. So it is extremely shock resistant, drop proof, gets through scratches and has a great lay-on-the-table design!


You get a lot of color options with this case, and if you have more than ONE Rebel X you can mix and match the case colours to your needs.

Camera LED Flash problem?

As stated below, the problem only occurs in the White/CyanxYellow options. Not in any other colour choice.


Most definitely YES!
Though, if you buy the White Version and the CyanxYellow, there are problems with the Flash Washing your image out.

I will make a video review which will clear all your doubts away (:


***CANON 1100D — USED***

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