BlackBerry PlayBook out of stock at major stores…

A lot of promo’s were going aroung, about the PlayBook being sold at a lower price.

This scheme was on so that RIM can get more PlayBook’s sold. And well, that media stunt, worked.

But now, it somewhat is failing.

The PlayBook’s are now OUT OF STOCK at most of the major stores, it cannot be that RIM is launching another PlayBook,  nor can it be the PlayBook’s are being discontinued.

So looks like, either you buy it online, or wait…

Some outlets (like Best Buy Canada) only list the 32GB model available for purchase. We emailed RIM and this is what they told us:

“During the back to school season, a number of promotional offers have been in place with select retailers for the BlackBerry PlayBook. These promos were aimed to drive increase adoption of the BlackBerry PlayBook, and help drive sell-through to end customers. These promotions caused many retailers to run out of their current inventory, and we are working with select retailers to replenish stock over the coming weeks. The PlayBook also continues to be available for purchase from RIM’s online site.”

So it could be, that the 16GB version is being discontinued because frankly, the 16GB started the mega sales of the PlayBook, and now people are mainly buying the 16 and 32GB. Whereas just a number of people buy the higher-end, more expensive, 64GB version.

Its just your own opinion. I went in for the 64GB, because i download a lot of games, and have movies, and a lot of music (i have 17GB of MUSIC, yes i have a big collection! I good one indeed!)

So, it just depends on how you will be using that tablet.


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