Another HOT new BlackBerry 10 Concept!

As we know, BlackBerry 10 is around the corner, and a lot of concept devices are ALL OVER THE INTERNET!

This new concept here, is JUST BADASS.

I am 100% sure, this is way better than the Qwerty BlackBerry 10 Device that is going to come, a.k.a the N-Series.

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This is what the concept maker says –

To the front, the speaker headset grill mimics a close resemblance to the speaker design of the PlayBook. This kind of design works well in this device design as it frees the required space needed to expand on the screen real estate to the gesture bezel to the redesigned keyboard. Below the speaker a customisable dual-LED notification will brighten up alerts, but when there’s connectivity with WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC tapping, or DLNA in play the secondary (left LED) will blink to a colour of your choice (except for Bluetooth). The front-facing camera is updated to 3.5MP to take advantage of the new video-engaged applications such as Face Detection for phone calls and BBM Video with the Proximity sensor sitting to the right.

The 3.4″ display is using the OCTA Glass OLED (expected to be on the BlackBerry 10 Aristo). The OCT/A or On-Cell Touch AMOLED designed by Samsung Mobile Displays is designed to remove embedded layers on the screen allowing it to have an immediate response while reducing the overall thickness to the body. Pushing past a 720×720 resolution as expected on the N-Series the rectangular screen on the TK Justice will serve justice with a 960×720 resolution with a 340 ppi.

On the Dev Alpha A the gesture bezel is ~3.57mm to the sides – With this I noticed the little effort needed to swipe from side to side. There is also the use of tap and hold swiping creating the Peek & Flow integration. The majority of swiping stems from the bottom to return to the homescreens and this was where I had to provide enough room without showing that something has been removed as most are familiar with. The bottom swipe gesture space is 5mm – ample space to not interfere with the keyboard due to keyboard spacer and the sides and top see a slight adjustment to 2mm – due to the flushed screen, side swiping won’t prove difficult to do.

The re-designed keyboard was called for in order to bring something new and to set it apart from the TK Victory as well from the previous models. In decreasing the smile, the keyboard see’s a reduced arch for the appropriate space for gesturing and the addition of two extra keys designed to replace convenience keys and add extra value to the experience.

The BlackBerry Key

  • Designed to be integrated with all BlackBerry applications. On-touch access could be programmed to bring all BlackBerry apps in a separate window or it could be programmed as a BBM key.

The Action Key

  • Take Action to all you notifications. The BlackBerry Hub will seemingly integrate all messages, but with the Action key a user can populate a window to those applications calling for action.

What do you say about this concept?

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