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As you know, Apple started using a Retina display first on the iPhone 4, and yeah it was spectacular. A major difference from the 3GS at that time.
Then a while later, they announced a 15″ Pro, with the Retina Display.
And now, a month back they launched the 13″ Pro, with Retina.
Now what i feel is, announcing the 13″ is pointless, because its just about $300-$400 cheaper than the 15″, and if you are spending so much on a 13″, you might as well push yourself and buy the 15″ which will give you the real good experience.
I am typing this on a 15″ Pro Retina, and i have a 15″ Normal Pro on the side, and i don’t see much of a difference until i open up a game. Also, as you know the Retina Display Mac’s are slimmer, so are the plastic keys, and i don’t deny the fact that the 15″ keyboard keys are JUST AMAZING!
They are thin, but after a while of usage, they feel the same.
Yes, the fact that it is really thin, and light, but that is besides the point.
Not every soul on this planet, will do such HD and HQ quality things, for which they need a 15″ Retina Display.
For example the iPhone.
The Retina Display is Bright, and looks great, i agree. But a phone is DIFFERENT to a computer.
A computer, is not something you carry everywhere, every single second of the day.
It usually either sits on your desk, on your lap, on your couch, on your bed.
A phone, is in your pocket. Goes with you everywhere. You call from it. You text from it. You can open it while you are walking.
You can play games while walking.
The list goes on, but a 15″ you cannot do all this.
I’m not saying its a bad machine, it is a FANTASTIC machine! Not because i own one, it actually is.
But from a ordinary person’s point of view. A normal 13″ and a Retina 13″ will look the same. A normal 15″ and a Retina 15″.
Exactly the same. The people who know the difference, abide by it to say “Yeah! The 15″ Retina IS SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!”
That was my friends reaction, who knew the difference, until i explained it to her. And then they understood.
What about you? What are your opinions on the Retina Display Pro’s?

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