We heard about AT&T wanting to bring super fast internet clocked at 1 gigabit per second to your doorstep but it seems that AT&T has become even more ambitious as by late-2015, AT&T wants to bring faster internet in the continental-USA. For now, the only port of call for in-flight connectivity is GoGo and their services have increasingly become expensive over the years. Moreover, their entire service clocks with slow, 3G speeds which delivers useless connectivity that can only be used for simple tasks. AT&T wants to bring 4G connectivity and while this is just a theory and hasn’t reached existence yet, it can be a very good opportunity for people to enjoy fast internet in the skies.

Price hasn’t been told to us and the entire network hasn’t been built but if AT&T is teaming with Honeywell, then a heck lot can get done!

TheTutor – who has written posts on Zamkato.