The Apple Watch Sport bands are made from fluoroelastomer in a variety of different colours, and also they are very comfortable to wear.

It turns out that each colour of Apple Watch’s Sport bands have different weights.

For the 38mm Apple Watch Sport bands:-

  • White band weighs 47g
  • Blue band weighs 44g
  • Green band weighs 43g
  • Pink band weighs 42g
  • Black band weighs 37g

For the 42mm Apple Watch Sport band:-

  • White band weighs 51g
  • Blue band weighs 48g
  • Green band weighs 48g
  • Pink band weighs 46g
  • Black band weighs 40g

This difference in weight may be because of the different materials which are used to colour the bands. But still, there’s no need to worry as you won’t notice a thing.

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