Recently, @enMTW, through Reddit claimed that he gave the jailbreak bugs he found to China. This happened apparently after Jay Freeman(Saurik) denied to help him add Cydia to his unreleased jailbreak.
Check out what @enMTW said via Reddit :-

Hi. I’ve made a decision. I held back on this because I didn’t want it to be seen as an Internet Jackass Day thing. Here goes.
Most of the Reddit replies want a jailbreak with SSH. Most of the non-Reddit replies want the bugs to go to China.
Doing it with just SSH is bad, because it shortens the window (signing window) and leaves me responsible for supporting the jailbreak. The community is terrible beyond belief, and I want to be done with it! So this option only solves one problem, and poorly solves it that.
So I’ve handed off bugs to China, taking a much lower amount for them in exchange for them being used in a public jailbreak. I DO IT FOR YOU, FOLKS.
This is the last thing I will ever say about Jailbreak. With this move, I am finally done. These last few weeks have been brutal and in no way worth it. Some of you are ok, many aren’t. This isn’t my primary interest, yet it is dominating my time and my @reply stream. My final request is for you fine folks to not @reply to me with jailbreak ****. Make it stop. Thanks!
What do you think?

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