Earlier today, Google unveiled its music streaming subscription service which is made possible through YouTube.

It’s called ‘YouTube Music Key’, the subscription service provides streaming music free of ads… but for a price.

Google even confirmed today that YouTube Music Key will have a price tag of $7.99 per month (promo period) before bumping up to $9.99 a month. Subscribers will also be able to listen to jams from Google Play Music.

The service was released in beta version just earlier this morning.

“You’ve asked us for ways to listen to music without ads, to keep playing music videos even if you lock the screen or start using another app, and to play music even if you’re not connected to the Internet,” reads today’s formal announcement. “That’s why today we’re introducing YouTube Music Key beta, a monthly subscription service… that will give you all that—ads-free music, background play and offline viewing.”

To learn more about Music Key, click here.

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