Mozilla, which doesn’t yet have their majorly popular Firefox web browser on Apple’s iOS. Well, it’s been over a year now that it is reported to be working on a Firefox web browser that may soon be available for both the iPhone and iPad. Although Mozilla hasn’t officially revealed anything, according to TechCrunch, Firefox is now a step closer to iOS. Rumors of this pointed at a closed event in Portland.

The Firefox project manager, Lukas Blakk, said the following in a tweet about the same:

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We need to be where our users are so we’re going to get Firefox on iOS.

Notably, a tweet from Matthew Ruttley, the manager of data science at Mozilla, showed a picture of what looks to be Mozilla VP of Firefox, Jonathan Nightingale speaking in front of a slide that clearly show’s Apple’s iPhone 6 and said:

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Firefox for iOS!! Let’s do this!!!

If an iOS-compatible iteration of the Firefox app is created the move would mark a change in policy from the one instated under the former CEO, Gary Kovacs. For those of you who didn’t know, Kovacs just last year stated that in no uncertain terms would a Firefox for iOS app be considered until Apple relaxes its rule on third-party web engines. The company’s then-VP, Jay Sullivan said the same prior to that. From Apple’s perspective, it’s likely the company keeps iOS closed for various reasons with the main one being security.


Well, this gives us some hope at least doesn’t it?
Source: TechCrunchTwitter

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