How well is the Playbook in the tablet world?

Let me tell you.

Firstly, this entire post is typed up on a PlayBook.

According to me, the Playbook fairs up quite well.

It does all the things it should.

One thing i hate in the Playbook,

The damn keyboard. It keeps typing the letter which i dont want.


As per battery life, the Playbook is okay, if i charge it at night, it reaches about 20% by 1am

I have about 4-5 applications always open in the background.


At the moment i am running OS2.1 which is still in developer mode (Beta) and will be launching alongside the Playbook 4G, on July 31st.

Which is a good thing.

At the moment there are quite a few bugs, which us as developers have to keep a note of and email RIM, to fix them.

I have already sent them an email.

Now as per other things in the PlayBook, there are always a few faults with every device. Nothing in this entire universe is perfect, heck this universe itself isn’t perfect.

The Camera, i discussed earlier, till the time the screen isn’t optimized for it and till the time it does not have a proper Auto-Focus Sensor, the pictures will all look the same.

The camera is a fixed-focus so you should expect nomore than Bold 9900 quality.

Though in good light, the pictures from this (with or without zoom) look AMAZING!

The speakers on the PlayBook are really loud, they are way louder than the iPad speakers, and have a good Treble and Bass to them.

But overall the Playbook is a fantastic little device, and it is by far my favorite tablet on the market.

Just two problems which overtime will be resolved.

Lack of games.

Keyboard problem.

But if you’re looking for a small tablet which can get you’re job done, look no further.

The Samsung Galaxy is a complete sham sorry to say.

And if you need 3G/4G needs, then wait for 2 days, the 4G LTE PlayBook will be launching. Which will be a slap for quite a lot of mobile industries who make tablets.

Also, the PlayBook honestly fits in my back pocket of my jeans, in my coat and in my jacket pockets! So there is absolutely no argument for the size.

The size is perfectly portable. And if you’re someone who travels a lot, then this is the ideal solution for you, the New iPad is too heavy and too big, and I’m sure you would need quite the XXXXXL pants to fit the tablet in you’re back pocket…

(the pictures of the PlayBook were added from my computer)

What do you guys think?

This post was written by

Apoorv Kumar – who has written posts on Zamkato.
Apoorv is the founder of Zamkato, his vision for Zamkato started with just Blackberry News and Reviews, which have expanded to all areas of the mobile technology spectrum. Apoorv has passion for technology all through out his blood, he lives for this. Apoorv is usually rocking an iPhone 4 or one of the newest Blackberry devices, and thinking of his next blog post.


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