iOS comes with an easy-to-use and handy Reminders application that enables users to have their iOS device remind them of future events. But we all know that it could become more useful and powerful.

A new free jailbreak tweak is now available in Cydia called Reminders Pro by iOS developer Zaid Elkurdi. Reminders Pro will add a number of new functions to iOS’ Reminders application to help in upgrading the user experience of the application, as well as convenience.

Some of the new functions users will get after installing the tweak consist of:

  • Create FaceTime, text message/iMessage, and E-mail reminders
  • Create action-based reminders from the Reminders application itself without the need for Siri
  • Choose from 16 new repeat times for Reminders
  • Have the application automatically detect phone numbers and URLs so that you can tap on them for an action

If you would like to get Reminders Pro, it’s available for free in Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now. We can recommend the tweak for users that actually use the Apple’s Reminders application in iOS, but if you don’t really use it, we could understand how the tweak may seem pointless to you.

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