DoubleTwist, a company known for their DoubleTwist apps for mac and android is at it again with an new Android app that lets you get songs from iTunes Radio. They implemented streaming features to their popular DoubleTwist Music app for android including ways to sync your music from iTunes and the ability to airplay to your Apple TV. Similarly their mac app lets you download your iTunes music and sync to your android, iPhone, or even Blackberry phone. Now with their latest android app you can get music from iTunes Radio and download it to your android phone.

So how does it work? Basically the new app turns your android phone into an AirPlay receiver for your iTunes on your mac or PC. Simply open the app, hit record, and select “dT Recorder” as the airplay device on your mac or PC and then it sends the music to the DoubleTwist app and records it. According to the app’s creators, it is completely legal and they compared it to recording audio cassettes and a similar recording feature in the TuneIn Radio app.



SnowLeo – who has written posts on Zamkato.