Surely you’ve all heard of the big patent lawsuit going on between Apple and Samsung. Now Samsung have got themselves into trouble by publicly publishing slides showing Samsung’s in-house designs that were not allowed to be entered as evidence for an unknown reason.

Judge Lucy Koh obviously wasn’t happy with Samsungs actions, and she had these words for them:

Judge Koh was none to pleased with the move herself, calling for an immediate meeting with Quinn.

“Tell Mr. Quinn I’d like to see him today,” Koh said. “I want to know who drafted the press release, who authorized it from the legal team.”

Samsung pleaded for this to be admitted as evidence, as it would obviously clarify the fact that Samsung hadn’t copied Apple. However, Judge Koh responded with ”Don’t make me sanction you. Please.”

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Connor Matthews – who has written posts on Zamkato.
I used to write for Apple World Today (an Apple technology news website) writing about the latest rumors and conveying opinions to the public about Apple, their devices and their software. I will be always available to help you all out at my email below - Sadly, When Apple World Today failed, I was offered to join Zamkato to continue my passion for writing. I love Apple technology and I can’t wait to get my hands on my new iPad! I will be writing only about Apple!!!


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