Many of you would have your iDevice jailbroken and would be confused whether you should go for the iOS 10 update or keep iOS 9 with all the tweaks/features the jailbreak has to offer.

I would suggest that you should go for the iOS 10 update. The jailbreak for iOS 10 is gonna come pretty soon; maybe just in a few days, if we’re lucky!

Also, iOS 10 is a lot faster, smoother, and overall much better than iOS 9. You will get all the great new features that the update comes with such as:-

  • Access to widgets from the lockscreen.
  • Being able to delete(hide) the unnecessary stock apps.
  • iMessage apps (This includes games, apps, and stickers!).
  • Re-designed Music app
  • Siri API. Developers are finally able to integrate their apps with Siri. So, we are now able to – send WhatsApp/WeChat messages, book an Uber/Lyft, Book Movie tickets, and what not – all using just Siri.
  • Re-vamped Photos app. The photos app now comes with a feature called ‘Memories’ which automatically chooses the best photos in your library and create photo albums & short movies out of them. You can now search for “things” in photos: For example, if you search for “car” the app will show every photo in your library with a car in it. Cool, eh?
  • Interactive notifications. Now you can reply to messages without even leaving the lockscreen.
  • The stock Maps app is also refreshed and comes with great new features such as: Extension support, ‘What’s Nearby’, and smart suggestions.
  • There’s a new app called ‘Home’. It helps you control all of the smart devices in your house efficiently, all in one place.
  • Universal Clipboard. This means you can copy something on your iPhone and paste it on your Mac. This’ll be useful.

What do you think?

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