Verizon has just stated that they will be offering iTunes Radio, with “limited interruptions” only today. iTunes Radio normally has ads when a user is listening to music using the service, but just today only, users will only be looking at a Verizon message in place that says “enjoy with limited interruptions courtesy of Verizon.”

Well, it may seem like you are a hell of a lucky person because on top of this awesome freebie, Verizon will also be providing $5 iTunes store credits to its users! Those who are having a hard time finding the credit can find it easily in iTunes Radio on a banner ad.

Verizon states,

Enjoy a full day of iTunes Radio℠ with limited interruptions on all stations — compliments of Verizon… While you’re listening, keep an eye out for a banner to claim another special iTunes gift!

Sadly those who already have the subscription for Apple’s iTunes Match Service won’t be able to get this offer, since they already enjoy the service without any ads. Verizon stated:

iTunes Match customers are not eligible to receive the offer via iTunes Radio due to opt-out of ads.

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