The iOS App of VLC just got an update in the App Store which brings it to version 2.7.0.

This update comes with a number of enhancements for iOS, an overall better app for watchOS 2 and also, support for the new Apple TV 4.

Check out the change log:-

Originally Posted by VLC:
∙ Added new app for the 4th gen. Apple TV
∙ Dropped support for iOS 6.1. VLC requires iOS 7.0 now
∙ Added support for SMB file sharing
∙ Re-wrote Apple Watch extension for watchOS 2
∙ Media stored in folders on remote servers is now played as a list
∙ Reworked networking UI
∙ Added support for system-wide search “CoreSpotlight”
∙ Added improved UI support for Right-to-Left languages
∙ Added support for the split-screen appearance in iOS 9
∙ Added support for Touch ID to unlock app
∙ Added option to configure playback continuation
∙ Added option to configure gestures
∙ Added support for music albums with more than 1 disk
∙ Display chapter duration in playback UI
∙ Recently played network stream URL are now shared across all devices
∙ Stored login information is now shared across all devices
∙ Cloud login credentials are now shared across all devices


Get VLC for iOS now for free, if you haven’t already via this link.

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