YouTube, recently gave users a preview at the future of its product roadmap, which is set to make a new mobile application which would aim at helping content creators manage their channels as well as a method to raise money from viewers. YouTube designer, Molly Nix, said the following in a video releasing the initiative:

We saw creators struggling a lot with not being able to do basic YouTube management stuff on their phone. We saw this as a really great opportunity for us to build something that you guys can use on the go and manage your channel anywhere you are.

The company didn’t tell anything else on exactly what that new mobile app will feature but it’s likely to allow us to do tasks like comment moderation which really can’t easily be done with the current mobile app suite. They also gave us a hint of the power to manage advertising and other monetization strategies. YouTube also introduced a new on-site crowdfunding function. Using the system, fans will also be able to donate directly to YouTube content creators, rather than going to through other third-party sites.
Youtube Video

The company also featured some other features. Unfortunately, no timetable for the changes was announced but YouTube did say more will be available “in the coming months”.

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